Global Privacy Enforcement Network shares experiences on enforcement-related publicity

Media release by the GPEN Committee

1 November 2014

The Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) held a workshop on the use of publicity as a regulatory compliance technique in Mauritius on 12 October 2014  attended by 44 commissioners and staff from 21 privacy enforcement authorities from around the world. The workshop heard of the diverse approaches taken to enforcement publicity from presenters from 8 jurisdictions. Participants also received a presentation of the latest research on the effectiveness of monetary penalties in the enforcement of data protection laws. The event was followed by a GPEN-arranged public demonstration of the International Privacy Law Library, the largest freely accessible and searchable database of privacy law material in the world. 


GPEN connects privacy enforcement authorities from around the world to promote and support cooperation in cross-border enforcement of laws protecting privacy. It has more than 50 members from over 40 countries.  More details about the network available is at

The International Privacy Law Library is operated by a network of Legal Information Institutes Cooperating with the World Legal Information Institute.  The library is available at

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